The National Naturopathic Association (NNA) is the national voice of the North American naturopathic profession

The NNA is instrumental in positioning naturopathic medicine at the forefront of North American health care. It promotes naturopathic medicine to the public, corporations, insurance companies and the government. It also facilitates communication within the profession and represents the interests of qualified naturopathic doctors throughout North America.

The NNA is a not-for-profit professional association. Its membership consists of naturopathic doctors, naturopathic medical students, suppliers of natural health products for professional use, and supporting members. The NNA works collaboratively with all state and provincial naturopathic associations in North America.

The vision of the NNA is to be a strong voice in North American healthcare and to ensure the optimal health of North Americans through the active promotion of the art and science of naturopathic medicine and the advancement of its practice.

NNA Objectives

  • Promote and develop the science, art, philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine.
  • Educate the general public concerning the benefits to be derived from naturopathic medicine and publish and disseminate information to this end.
  • Unite, for their mutual interest, naturopathic doctors in North America¬†and promote scientific interest and investigation in the field of naturopathic medicine.
  • Foster and encourage professional, educational and social activities among the members of the Association.
  • Encourage the standardization of educational requirements for practitioners of all healing arts and support the highest standards of professional training, competency and qualifications for naturopathic doctors.
  • Acquire and hold assets for the benefit of the membership and promote the mission of the Association.
  • Carry Out the above activities at the national level and assist or collaborate with constituent associations in matters of mutual interest.

CONTACT: info@nationalnaturopathic.com