Diagnostic Testing

What is diagnostic testing?

Conventional diagnostic testing is often geared towards identifying diseases. However, many people who have health concerns have not yet reached the state of a disease and therefore conventional test results are “normal.” At National Naturopathic, we offer a wide range of conventional and advanced testing not typically available at your medical doctor’s office. Advanced diagnostic testing is a valuable way to establish a baseline for patient health and monitor treatment progress.

Some specific diagnostic tests that are provided at National Naturopathic include the following:

Lab Testing

  • Hormone testing can be done through a blood (serum), saliva, or urine test, depending on the patient’s health concern. Hormone testing checks the balance of hormones in men and women and can identify any abnormalities.
  • Food sensitivity testing is similar to allergy testing, during which a patient’s blood serum or immune cells are exposed to a series of food proteins, and then observed for abnormal reactions. Compared to conventional food and allergy testing, SCIMEDICA offers testing options that can detect immune reactions that may occur hours or even days after exposure, as well as food intolerances that are food reactions unrelated to the immune system.
  • Genetic testing / genomic testing is a type of testing used to identify genetic predispositions and conditions. Genetic testing can rule out or confirm a suspected genetic condition, and can also predict the likelihood of a patient developing a genetic disorder or passing it on to children.
  • Heavy metal testing is usually done by urine analysis, and is used to determine if an individual has been overexposed to certain chemicals, including lead, mercury, or iron.

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing is used to determine the amount of fat that is in your body compared to non-fat, or lean tissue. It gives a more in-depth look than simply measuring weight, which does not consider a patient’s height or muscle mass. We use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to provide accurate and comprehensive information about various information in the body including body fat percentage, hydration, cellular health, and more. Body composition testing helps doctors determine the best diet plan for patients and can also help detect the onset or progression of certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a clinical assessment technique that seeks biofeedback from your body to gain information about your overall health by examining your muscles’ ability to resist pressure when challenged. The nervous system is connected to every part of your muscular system. By examining how your muscles respond to stimuli, we can obtain information on the functional status of your organs, tissues and interconnected body systems. The information obtained from ART is added to additional information obtained from clinical history and laboratory tests to build  a comprehensive assessment of your health. This becomes the foundation from which your personalized treatment plan is formed.

Why is diagnostic testing performed?

Diagnostic testing is used to obtain more information about a patient, helping to rule out or verify potential reasons for ailments.  Diagnostic test results will also help the doctor focus on appropriate, specific therapies to address patient conditions.

Some specific reasons a doctor may use diagnostic testing may be to:

  • Identify presence of diseases and/or dysfunctions
  • Detect food sensitivities
  • Determine underlying health conditions
  • Check hormone levels
  • Determine body fat content, cell hydration, and overall cellular health
  • Look for signs of toxicity exposure
  • Identify the presence of infections

What does diagnostic testing involve?

Diagnostic testing is done based on patient symptoms and suspicion of a condition. The first step of diagnostic testing is to visit a naturopathic doctor at National Naturopathic Group to discuss your current signs and concerns. Your doctor will determine which type of diagnostic testing would be most useful in uncovering the cause of your symptoms.

What are the advantages of having diagnostic testing?

Some advantages of having diagnostic testing done with National Naturopathic include:

  • Non-invasive
  • Improves patient and doctor understanding of health conditions
  • Access to information from advanced testing options not available from your medical doctor
  • Treatment plans can be tailored based on findings
  • Quick results
  • Access to information from advanced testing (options) not available from your conventional medical doctor